Small Pipe But Big Hits

It’s almost guaranteed that you are thinking since it is a mini bong that the pipe should be tiny. Although the size of the pipe has a smaller footprint, the sole drawback is a chance to share with others.

These little guys in many cases are hand-blown glass that may change color because the bowl can be used more often.

How big is the pipe provides you a similar draw and taste as their larger counterparts. The pipe still packs enough capacity to offer a single user a top quality high.

If you want to dab but don’t know how, here is great article about dabbing.

Concealing Your Mini Bong

That is one of the biggest benefits of the mini bongs, the convenience by which these little guys might be hidden.

If you are bringing it well on the dorm room or even a party, they could slip right in a coat pocket for quick concealment.

By splitting up your buds in tiny pieces, you must never experience any difficulties with loading and cleaning, similar to other bongs.

Fitting the buds in the burn better means you will get an excellent buzz every time you takes place new mini bong.